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Welcome to the Bridge

Six weeks into my new business venture and I thought it was about time I offered some reflections on my journey so far. Those of you who know me personally, know that I have a passion for, and am deeply embedded in, all things business and technical architecture with a newly discovered love for Salesforce. I have been fortunate enough to have worked for some truly amazing recruitment companies with incredible visions and a genuine passion to find the right solutions for candidates and clients. But unfortunately, recruitment has over the years become more and more transactional with price over service acting as the main driver for many organisations. If recruitment simply becomes ‘a race to the bottom’, no-one will win.

I have never been a transactional recruiter and have always worked hard to look inside the role and the candidate’s motivations rather than simply ticking boxes. Finding the best candidates requires more than a simple AI keyword search. It requires industry networks, strong relationships and trust.

But it’s not just about the candidates, it’s about the brands I represent. When I work for a client, I consider myself an extension of their brand. The new employee’s experience starts way before their first day. It starts with the very first consideration of the brand. I believe in developing a thorough understanding of the culture within the companies I represent and feel it’s important to convey this positively throughout the whole interview and on-boarding experience. I believe that recruitment is and should be a three-way journey, that is transparent and should be an enjoyable experience all round.

And that’s why I created The Bridge.

The Bridge is a Sydney based IT & business architecture and Salesforce search agency. I work to educate, advise and build communities as well as finding great candidates, great jobs. My clients and candidates want to go on a journey and believe in building long term relationships.

I look forward to us working together, and bridging the gap.

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