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“Preparing for the Certified Technical Architect (CTA) Review Board: Insights from Salesforce Experts”

We recently had a great meet-up with The Bridge Search and Architecting for Innovations next round of Lunch and Learn.

Salesforce architecture is a constantly evolving field, and earning the Salesforce Certified Technical Architect (CTA) certification is like winning an Olympic gold medal for Salesforce pros. At the “Architecting for Innovation Lunch and Learn” meet-up on May 3rd, 2023, Salesforce experts Gourav Sood and Satyashil Awadhare shared tips and tricks on preparing for the CTA Review Board, offering valuable insights to those pursuing this certification.

Gourav Sood, a Salesforce Certified Technical Architect with a staggering 19 certifications and 16 years of consulting experience across the globe, and Satyashil Awadhare, a Salesforce CTA with 16 certifications specialising in leading enterprise digital transformations, have a deep understanding of Salesforce architecture intricacies. They also host the popular “Salesforce Architecture Talk” podcast, where they discuss all things Salesforce.

The session delved into the CTA Review Board’s format and crucial areas to focus on, with a particular emphasis on Application and Security Architecture. Gourav and Satyashil shared their personal experiences and strategies for conquering this demanding exam.

The most crucial takeaway from the session was the importance of aligning technology decisions with business objectives. It ensures that clients appreciate the value of Salesforce products and frameworks, which they also discussed. The experts provided strategies for demonstrating how these products meet customers’ needs and preferences.

Attendees had a chance to ask questions about mapping Salesforce learning, promoting and supporting CTA for clients and contractors, and Salesforce’s process for maintaining the CTA certification’s high standards.

The session was a goldmine of information for those seeking the CTA certification or honing their Salesforce architecture skills. Gourav and Satyashil’s passion for Salesforce was evident, and their witty anecdotes kept the audience entertained. For more Salesforce architecture tips, tune into their “Salesforce Architecture Talk” podcast at

In conclusion, the “Architecting for Innovation Lunch and Learn” meet-up was like attending a masterclass with the industry’s elite Salesforce experts. It offered valuable guidance on how to prepare for the CTA Review Board and highlighted the significance of aligning technology decisions with business objectives. Armed with the knowledge provided by Gourav and Satyashil, you, too, can reach the peak of Salesforce success.

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Gourav Sood,

Director & Architect Leader in the Salesforce Ecosystem

Satyashil Awadhare

Architect Leader at Google and Salesforce CTA.

Andrew Blades

Director РArchitecture and Salesforce Recruitment 

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