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Architecting for Innovation August 2020 meet-up – Making sense of Data-Driven Architecture. (Via Zoom)
Thu, Aug 6, 2020

With Andrew Blades, Tom Graves, Ben Wu and Eddy Ku


What is data-driven architecture? And if we use one, what data should we use to drive it?

A data-driven architecture should provide many real advantages – timeliness, self-adapting to change, and more anchored in the real-world context. Yet we can only reach those advantages when we have the right data – so how do we identify the right data to use?

The danger with ‘data-driven’ is that it often points us towards the wrong end of that challenge – the ‘What’ of the data, rather than the ‘Why’ and ‘How’ that underpins the architecture itself. For example, one common trap is saying “We have this data-source: how can we use it in our architecture?” – the classic architecture-error called ‘solutioneering’.

Instead, we need to start our architecture at the other end, moving from stakeholders to story to solution. In this webinar, we’ll re-purpose the classic DIKW set – data information, knowledge, wisdom – to help us make sense of how a data-driven architecture actually operates, and thence point us towards the data-sources and sensors that we need to make it all work.

We had three great speakers lined up for the night, then a Q&A session.

1st Presentation
Tom Graves
Principal Consultant at Tetradian Consulting

Tom has been an independent consultant for more than four decades, in business transformation, enterprise architecture, knowledge management and more, with clients in at least a dozen countries and across a wide range of industries. His main business focus is on development of practical tools and techniques for sensemaking, decision-making and change. An exuberant presenter, prolific writer and influential blogger on everything enterprise-architecture and beyond, he has a special interest in the human side of enterprises and enterprise-design.

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2nd Presentation
Ben Wu – NetApp Executive Architect APAC

Ben Wu is NetApp’s Executive Architect for Business Consulting APAC. Ben is responsible for co-developing and delivering NetApp’s portfolio of Data Fabric Advisory Services. He helps clients understand the data transformation journey they need to maximise data value and agility, and move from survivor to thriver in response to digital disruption.

As NetApp’s Advisory champion, Ben seeks to share NetApp’s collective transformation experiences to create collaborative, innovative opportunities that rapidly elevate clients within their existing marketplaces and break into new ones.

Ben joined NetApp in 2018, and has 30 years experience in the IT industry. Prior to NetApp, he held architecture governance roles and led teams who developed and delivered enterprise architectures and solutions for leading organisations across a diverse business landscape encompassing real estate and property development, banking and finance, government, manufacturing and distribution, and global systems integrators and IT vendors.


Eddy Ku, Director of Innovations Accelerated

Eddy has over 20 years of experience in innovation, consulting, product management and service design in both the public and private sectors. He is passionate about Human Centred Design and leveraging the wisdom and creativity of a collective to create purposeful Innovations to meet real customer needs.

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Architecting For Innovation Meetup Recording thanks to MongoDB

Password to access the recording is 3GLdC&h8.

While it has been disappointing not to be together to network and enjoy a beer and slice of pizza, we have now had the opportunity to get speakers and an audience together who would have been logistically difficult to have in the same location. I’m thankful for this and look forward to our new meetups with the same geographic diversity.

I look forward to you joining us for Septembers Meet-up

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Thursday, Sep 3, 2020, 6:00 PM

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57 Murder of Innovators Attending

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