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Architecting for Innovation November meet up with The Bridge Search and UTS.

Yes, we are still on-line and not sure when we will return to networking with Beer and Pizza.

However, we are loving having access to such a wide audience across Australia.

We were lucky enough to secure Asif Gill this month. The full meetup and sides can be viewed below.

Asif Gill
University of Technology Sydney

Associate Professor | Director of Digital Strategy, Architecture & Solutions (DigiSAS) Lab

Asif is academic cum practitioner. He is an associate professor and director of the DigiSAS Lab at the School of Computer Science, University of Technology Sydney. He specialises in adaptive enterprise architecture and worked across different industry verticals.

He is certified as a Data Vault Data Modeler (Mastery Level) for information architecture, Lean Six Sigma (Green Belt) for lean business process architecture, applied business architecture (EA), ITIL (Foundation) for service architecture, TOGAF 9 (Level 1 & 2) for enterprise architecture and CISM for information security. He has also PhD Computing, MSc Computing and Master of Business.

In November we discussed EA for Digital – Digital for EA

Digital or Digital transformation often refers to enterprise architecture (EA) for planning and implementation. This talk takes an “Ecosystem” and “Architecture as Information” perspectives to unpack the following key concerns:

What is “digital” in the context of ecosystem?
How and where to apply “EA for Digital (EAD)”?
How and where to “Digitise EA (DEA)” itself?
Digital and beyond…

Asifs Slides from the night

Video capture of the night……

Password: PmIL@1ES2-eO

Some of the questions posed on the night

It’s interesting to see Employee is sitting outside of the enterprise boundary and human is inside? any specific reason the employee was outside the boundary?

How and at what step we can  foresee any disruptions while planning enterprise digitizing

Is there a role of EA to support the enterprise become proactive?

Stakeholders can only be concerned about things they are aware of; how do we make them aware of the unknowns they should be concerned about?

How can the data-driven architecture concept practically work within a legacy organisation (legacy it, traditional business model, etc) that may aspire to become digital?

Is the “Architecture as Information” 8 items just to cover the business architecture and processes? The App, Info and Tech domains do not appear to be covered.

Different organisation have different expectations from an EA  ..how can we bring different stakeholders to a common starting point if we have to set up an Arch practice in an Organisation?

Our final meetup for 2020 – Attracting, Upskilling and Retraining your Architects

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