“The Future of Data in a Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Environment” with Vinicius Cardoso

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Architecting for Innovation has run a series of data-focused presentations. Vini Cardoso from Cloudera was kind enough to demonstrate his thoughts around. The Future of Data in a Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Environment. An excellent presentation and some fascinating learning and discussions.

“The Future of Data in a Hybrid/Multi-Cloud Environments”

Businesses today are moving [or trying to move) to the cloud at unprecedented speeds. Among many challenges: data is everywhere.

According to HBR Analytics Services Survey (June 2019), the majority of organisations have their main data assets on-premises and private cloud, while only 21% of the data resides on a single-provider of public Cloud.

Patrick Moorhead from Moor Insights & Strategy in writing for Forbes highlighted that “With 94% of IT spend and 80% of the data on-prem, the world is very much hybrid.”

And Gartner has advised (June 2020) that “Data and analytics leaders must prepare for the complexities of multi-cloud and intercloud deployments to avoid potential performance issues… unplanned cost overruns and … difficulties with integration efforts.”

Most organizations—especially those with legacy on-premises applications—settle on a hybrid cloud strategy, deploying applications, data, and infrastructure on a combination of on-premises and cloud resources.

In this session, we want to touch on those challenges, suggest how they can be overcome, and explain how Cloudera has emerged as a leader in hybrid, end-to-end data management.

We will explain the evolution of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP) as a “true” hybrid solution with the same architecture across private and public clouds and the same security and governance, leveraging modern cloud-native technologies going beyond data lakes, data warehouses, but covering the entire data and analytics lifecycle.

Speaker Bio
Vinicius Cardoso is an experienced Solutions Engineer & Architect with more than 20 years of experience designing, developing, managing and selling Data Management, BI, Analytics solutions covering the end-to-end data & analytics lifecycle, leveraging high-performance platforms, both on-prem and in the cloud.

In Australia, Vini has worked with multiple organisations across industries, mostly in the FSI sector designing solution architecture for major Analytics and Regulatory Risk projects including IFRS9, IFRS17 and Basel 3/4

At Cloudera, Vini works close to leading Banks & Insurance companies. In the past, Vini supported similar organisations while working at SAS Institute and IBM, among others.

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