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The first “Architecting for Innovation Lunch and Learn” of 2023 was a thought-provoking informative session on Thursday, 9th February 2023, via Zoom.

The meet-up was hosted by two seasoned professionals in the field of Data Architecture, Darryl Carr and David Wiebe. The event’s theme was “Who Needs Data Architecture Anyway?!” with over 100 registered to attend, it was always going to be lively.

Darryl and David delved into the history of Data Architecture, where the phrase “Data is the new oil” was coined in 2006. They posed the question of whether we have all struck it rich in the “oil fields” of data with the emergence of new titles like Data Engineers and Data Scientists.

They also asked whether Data/Information Architects had faded away, taking their Data Models and Data Management Frameworks with them.

The concept of Data Governance was also discussed as to whether it had been implemented as originally envisioned.

Darryl Carr, who is currently a consulting EA with JourneyOne, and the Editor of the Enterprise Architecture Professional Journal, has been working in technology-related roles for over 30 years.

David Wiebe, one of the directors at Robinson Ryan, a specialist data management consulting company, has 30 years of experience in data management, covering data architecture, data modelling, data storage, data operations, systems development, and integration.

The event was informative, and attendees were engaged in a lively discussion, with many sharing their experiences in the field of Data Architecture.

The speakers emphasised the importance of Data Architecture and how it is critical to the success of any organisation’s digital transformation journey.

The event reminded us that as technology evolves, so must our understanding of the roles and responsibilities of those involved in Data Architecture.

Overall, the “Architecting for Innovation Lunch and Learn” was a success, and attendees left with a deeper understanding of data architecture’s importance in business. We look forward to future events organised by Darryl Carr and David Wiebe, and the opportunity to continue learning and growing in this ever-evolving field.

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