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We have had a great run of meet-up’s this year.
For our last one of 2019, we’re looking at doing something a little different.

No overarching theme for the night, to end the year we are putting on an array of subjects.

We’re looking to keep the night casual and finish off with a nice round of networking drinks to see the year out.

Presentation 1 – The pitfalls of becoming a leader
Jason Fischer
VP of Engineering
ELMO Cloud HR & Payroll

Presentation 2 – So how do business people make decisions?
Dr Chris Cook
Ai Success Partner

In this talk, Dr Chris will share some of his recent research into management decision making, and the impact of the world of ML and Ai.

Bio: Dr Chris Cook
After 20 plus years in business working for IBM, Fujitsu, CSC and as a Partner in PwC, Dr Chris has been running his own Machine Learning consulting firm for the last six years with customers in Australia, NZ and SE Asia. Dr Chris has being engaged with the evolution of systems designed to report on historical events, to dashboards displaying what is happening right now, to predictive and prescriptive machine learning systems showing what will happen in the future.
These systems are designed to inform individual management decision-making.

Further presentations will be announced shortly.

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