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The Architecting for Innovation for March 2020 had a real Salesforce and IoT flavour.

Damian Noonan presenting

Its been an interesting week in the Salesforce ecosystem this week. Salesforce World Tour Sydney switched to a Livestream this year and with recorded 1.2 million “video views” across social channels for the day. A great success by all accounts but limited on the person to person networking and Merch 🙁

Most of this week I felt we were going to have to cancel this month’s meetup due to Coronavirus and that nobody would show especially as the weather turned out to be a real shocker.

Having said that we had almost a full house and it was standing room only in MongoDBs event space. Amazing what a great subject and speakers can do!

Unfortunately Charlie Isaacs – VP and CTO of Customer Connections at Salesforce and Katie Dale MuleSoft, Lead Solution Engineer had to pull out of our panel discussion. 

We were fortunate still to have Damian Noonan Co-Founder and Director at Tquila ANZ,  Stephen Moss Principal Architect and Emerging Technologies Practice Lead at Tquila ANZ and Rob CollaTelstra IoT’s Industries Lead Smart Spaces to run presentations and Q&A’s

The first presentation off the rack was with Damian and Rob on Salesforce + MuleSoft + Telstra’s Track and Monitor IoT solution.

Followed up by Stephen Moss demo on Telstra Track & Monitor integrated into Salesforce.

Great to see some much IoT hardware knocking about and seeing Telstra’s IoT network in operation with the Telstra tracking devices driving real business process in Salesforce. 

Thanks to Rob, Damian and Stephen for running such a great event and a big thank you to everyone who attended and braved the rain.

Rob Colla – presenting

Thanks again to MongoDB for hosting and feeding us. 

Slides from the presentations on the night can be viewed here

Hopefully, we will be able to run April’s meetup with MongoDB and Kafka

Watch this space – Andrew


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